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Tryouts for the upcoming 2023/24 Kings club teams. Scroll to the bottom to see the YEARLY OVERVIEW which lays out the annual offering and programming by season.

Kings Youth Tryouts now consist of TWO Sessions:

SESSION 1: Individual Skills Assessment – July 18, 19, or 20 (choose your date and time during registration)

Players will be grouped in pods of 6-8 and run through core skills/drills for 40 minutes. Each group will have 2 coaches, and each player will receive a detailed skills assessment within 24 hours of the session.

Players can sign up for their 40-min assessment on the evenings of July 18, 19, or 20 (only sign up for one).

SESSION 2: Games – July 24 or 25

2033, 32, 31, & 30: Evening of Monday, July 24
2029 & 2028: Evening of Tuesday, July 25

Each player will receive TWO 40-minute games.

All Youth Tryouts are at Union Point Sports Complex in Weymouth, MA


Kings High School Tryouts now consist of ONE Session:

2027: 7-9pm Wednesday, July 26
2026: 5-7pm Thursday, July 27
2025: 7-8:30pm Thursday, July 27

All High School Tryouts are at Union Point Sports Complex in Weymouth, MA

Yearly Overview

Kings Youth Tuition

KINGS YOUTH TUITION INCLUDES EVERY SEASON OF THE YEAR! Please make note of this when comparing your club options!

  1. Fall ball (20 training opportunities and 2 tournaments)!

  2. NEW- All Winter Skills Now Included In Tuition! Multiple nights multiple locals, Dec-March

  3. Full Spring League Season (8 games & 10 Practices, March-May)

  4. Full summer tournament season (Practices and 3 tournaments, June & July)!



  • Weeknight Skills! All Grades (high school and youth) 
    • 16 Weeknight Skills! All Grades (high school and youth)

    • One north (probably Norwell or Weymouth).  
    • One south (probably Sandwich). 
  • All Players will have 4 Sunday Team Trainings in October! All Grades (high school and youth)

  • TWO events/tournaments (high school and youth)

    • High school games are all filmed.

    • All fall events are 1-day tournaments on Saturdays or Sundays.



WINTER SKILLS SEASON (Now included in tuition!):

  • Included December Training: 
    • Grades 7 thru 11: 3 College Takeover Sessions! 
      • Likely Tuesday evenings in Hanover 
      • A college coaching staff runs the sessions! 
      • 2022 was the Brown and Tufts staff. 
    • Grades 6 & down: 3 Fast Break Sessions! 
      • Small-ball sessions focused on the unsettled game 
      • Weeknight TBD 
  • Kings Youth Box Winter Teams (Not included in tuition – Invite only): 
    • 8+ Box practices, games, and 1 box tournament. 
  • JAN & FEB: All Jan & Feb winter skills INCLUDED in tuition.
    • Players can choose from multiple offerings at multiple locations on multiple weeknights 
    • Cohasset, Hanover, Falmouth, Hingham, Weymouth, & Bridgewater 


  • Everything from this point forward is TEAM-BASED. Players will know their teammates and their coaches, and they will train together consistently through the end of the summer season.
  • Every Kings Youth Team will have 4-6 Training sessions in March. 
  • High School:
    • No high school programming from mid March – Early June

  • Youth:
    • PYLL Spring League Saturday games or practices. 
    • Saturdays only (so no conflict with town lax) 
    • Top club league in New England: Kings, 3dNE, Littlenecks, Laxachussets, Piatelli LC, NH Tomahawks, 4 Leaf (NH), Twisters, etc.


  • Every team has around 6 weeknight practices and 3+ weekend tournaments. 
  • All high school games are filmed. 
Additional Items Included
  • Uniform (shirt, shorts, tank top) 
  • Fall Gear package (in 2022 was LS Shirt, sweatpants) 
  • Summer Gear Package (in 2022 was shirt, short, hat & yeti water bottle) 
  • Film for HS Players  
  • Recruiting assistance from Kings directors.
  • Access to Nation’s Best National Team for top Kings Players 
  • And much more…