The Boston Kings Week 5 PLL Spring League Recap

Boston Kings go 9-1 in week 5!

With only one week left in the regular season, Boston Kings teams send a strong message with a 9-1 week… And the only loss was in OT!

See below for game recaps and Player of the Game recipients!

  • Boston Kings 2028 Blue: Back to back round robin wins keeps the undefeated party rolling for our youngest squad playing this spring. Can’t wait to see these guys hit the “big” field this summer!
    • Players of the game:
      • GAME 1: Johnny Lally (Old Rochester Youth Lax)
      • GAME 2: The whole team!
  • Boston Kings 2027 Blue: Didn’t need OT this week! Great wire too wire effort let to a nice 20-7 win.
    • Player of the Game: Finn Kilbourne (Duxbury Youth Lacrosse).
  • Boston Kings 2026 Green: Coach Daley took the reigns for Coach Tierney for the day and notch 2 big wins up in NH!
    • Game 1 Player of the Game: Henry Gack (Scituate Youth Lax)
    • Game 2 Player of the Game: Quinn Allen (Hingham Youth Lacrosse)
  • Boston Kings 2026 Blue: Managed to hold off an up-and-coming Cape Kings team with a 8-3 win.
    • Player of the Game: Jake McGuirk (Norwell Youth Lax)
  • Boston Kings 2025 Green: Going to take a few days for the sting of this one to wear off… As the boys battled hard once again but lost in OT. This team has held up in some challenging games this spring (playing in a mixed 6th/7th grade division) but refuses to give up. Coach Weck and Oneil couldn’t be prouder of the team and know there is great things on the horizon!
    • Player of the Game: Caleb McKeown (Plymouth Youth Lacrosse)
  • Boston Kings 2025 Blue: A furious 5 goal run sealed the late comback win, 8-7 over a very talented RI Bulldogs team!
    • Player of the Game: Luke Allen (Milton Youth Lax)
  • Boston Kings 2024 Blue: Strong showing up in NH by Quinny’s crew! Nice win vs Houlagans.
    • Player of the Game: Brady Kudrick (Norwell Youth Lacrosse)
  • Boston Kings 2023 Green: Another 1-goal win has this team peking at the right time!
    • Player of the Game: Ronan Kearney (Hanover Youth Lax)
  • Boston Kings 2023 Blue: Our 2023’s were their best selves in a great win vs another strong PLL team.
    • Player of the Game: John Mullen (Norwell Youth Lax)

Important Spring Notes:

  • Boston Kings spring league play does not conflict with town lacrosse. In the spring, we want all players giving their town teams priority and getting the most out of all the great things that town lax offers.
  • The PLL Spring League is an invite-only club league featuring most of the top club programs in New England.
    • Notably: Kings Lacrosse (all 4 regions), New Hampshire Tomahawks, 3d New England, New England Twisters, Rhode Island Bulldogs, and Houlagans (NH).

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