Pioneer Kings


Pioneer Kings Coaches’ Commitment

Players will be developed and taught all aspects of the game with the goal of positioning them for potential college level recruitment.  There will be top level instruction on fundamentals from Piatelli Lacrosse Coaches who have years of experience and have played and or coached at the High School, College and Professional Level. Individual learning and development will focus on running set offensive, defensive, and clearing/riding plays. In addition, there will be significant team and player development on the finer aspects of the transition game including fast and slow breaks and unsettled defensive slides.

  • Coaches will treat players with respect
  • Coaches will push and challenge players to achieve their personal best
  • Coaches will provide honest assessment of skills and areas of development

Pioneer Kings Players’ Commitment

The team will have REGULAR mandatory practices .

  • Players are committed to never ending improvement of their performance
  • Players will be fully prepared and on-time to all practices, games and tournaments
  • Players will be open to coaching in order to achieve their personal best
  • Players will act with appropriate sportsman like behavior toward coaches, teammates, opponents and fans

Our Program Commitment

Our objective is to create a team and family atmosphere based around the sport of lacrosse and to build relationships amongst the players that will last a lifetime.  We will focus on being Elite and limiting the teams and players to ensure we are highly competitive everywhere we compete.  We will provide the BEST coaching available!


Pioneer Kings Youth Teams

  • 2027 Pioneer Kings
  • 2026 Pioneer Kings
  • 2025 Pioneer Kings
  • 2024 Pioneer Kings
  • 2023 Pioneer Kings

Pioneer Kings High School Teams

  • 2022 Pioneer Kings
  • 2021 Pioneer Kings
  • 2020 Pioneer Kings
  • 2019 Pioneer Kings (Fall Only)

Pioneer Kings Youth Tryouts

7/30 (5p-6:30p) @ Western New England U., Springfield, MA


Pioneer Kings High School Tryouts

8/1 (6p-7:30p) @ Western New England U., Springfield, MA


  • 9am-10:15am – 2025 & 2026/2027
  • 10:30-11:45am – 2023 & 2024



John Klepacki

Lars Keil

Jack Piatelli