Matt Dole needs more than an Instagram post…

This blog goes in a lot of directions, but mostly it is about the hard work, determination, and ability of Matt Dole; all of which led to Matt recently committing to play college lacrosse at The University of Utah.

Matt is a Kings & Silver Lake 2020 face off middie who’s story I believe deserves a bit more attention than just the customary Instagram post because of a few factors…


How good a player is in middle school has little correlation to how good that player is in high school.  We are always trying to point this out to our middle school players (and parents), and Matt is a great real-world example of this.  Like many players, Matt was not a “stud” middie in elementary and middle school.  Don’t get me wrong…  He was a good player who gave max effort for his team.  But, at that age, he was looking up the depth chart at many kids ahead of him, and always seemed to just miss out on our top Blue (AA) Team.  Now, he is a Division 1 commit to one of the most exciting new college programs in the country.  No clearer example to our players and our families to never stop working and to never take anything for granted.


Matt’s success is directly tied to our Kings partnership with Face Off Factory.  Over 4 years ago, we identified a weakness within our club:  We were not doing a good enough job training our face off middies.  We looked at all options to solve the problem and landed on Joe Nardella.  At the time, Joe was new to the area and starting a new face off training company, Face Off Factory.  We decided to have Joe join us, and from day 1 we knew we he was the answer.  Since that winter, Joe and his coaches have been driving our Kings face off training.  Face Off Factory has since grown into one of the premier training operations in the country, and we now have dozens of young Kings players being trained by Joe and his staff, a few of which are ranked nationally – special praise to John Mullen ’23, who has finished in the top 10 in each of the (three) national face off showcase tournaments he has competed in throughout this past summer and fall.


Matt stuck with it. And, he stuck with us.  Navigating through the club lax landscape when you are a high school player with lofty goals can be confusing.  There are many club options out there, and all of us are touting our proficiency at giving players the best chance to be recruited to play in college.  Matt never wavered.  He stuck with us through thick and thin; and I personally am very grateful he did, and very proud to call him a King.

I told you this went in a lot of directions!  Let’s bring it back to Matt…

Like all of our Kings players who have achieved their goal of playing after high school, it was HIS commitment, HIS determination, and HIS ability that allowed him to reach this goal.  I know that we at Kings and Face Off factory played a role, but Matt deserves the credit.  Well done, Matt!

PS- To all our budding face off studs…  Matt will surely be at all our upcoming Kings/Face Off Factory winter sessions (Tuesday Nights in Plymouth).  Feel free to ask him for a few tips!!

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