Enhanced 2018 Fall-Ball Boston Kings Schedule Released!

Boston Kings fall Ball starts next Monday night, Sept 24th, at Norwell High School!  2028’s-2025’s go from 6-7pm, and 2024’s-2022’s go from 7-8pm.

This year’s fall-ball offerings are more robust and flexible than ever.  We have added more training opportunities (8 TOTAL), Tournaments (3), and have some exciting new offerings available (Hello Davey Emala and Steve Waldeck!).  Looking forward to getting things started!  To that end, please read all below and we will see you soon!

  1. Teampages are set up!  Go to https://kingslax.leagueapps.com/dashboard , login to LeagueApps, and you will see your son’s teams listed on your dashboard.  Once you click on your team, the teampage has a schedule, roster, etc for you to navigate the fall.
  2. PLEASE RSVP FOR THE FALL TOURNAMENTS NOW!  New this fall – We need everyone to RSVP for fall tournaments by October 1st!  Simply go to your teampage and you will see the RSVP buttons on the calendar.  Once we know how many players are available for each tournament we will roster teams.  Players who do not RSVP by October 1st will not be guaranteed a spot on a tournament team.
    1. Once we know who/how many are available for a fall tournament, we will roster AA (Blue) and A (Green/White) teams based on the the available player pool of players for that tournament.
    2. To be clear, this means the AA/A rosters will differ for each of the fall tournaments, and some players could play AA in one tournament and A in another.
    3. Fall tournament team rosters will be released in mid October.  Once we collect all RSVP’s and evaluate players during first two practices and The Columbus Day Clash on October 8th (which is an in-house Kings jamboree where we scrimmage as even teams).
    4. Doing it this way means there are no fixed AA / A rosters coming out of the fall, and next summer’s AA / A rosters will not be announced until early spring.  More details on this to come, but this is a change (for the better) from last year so wanted to put it out there now.
  3. ADDING TWO GREAT NEW FALL TRAINING NIGHTS!  Nov 7th and 14th from 6-7pm, Davey Emala and Steve Waldeck from The Ohio Machine (MLL) are coming to Cohasset sports complex and offering a training session to all YOUTH (2028-2023) Boston Kings!  Details will be added to teampages soon, but please save the date if you can make it!
  4. AND TWO MORE – JOINT FALL SESSIONS WITH FOUNDATIONS LACROSSE! You will see on your teampage schedule there are TWO joint training sessions with Foundations Lacrosse at Lincoln Sudbury High (October 21 & 28) .  These are optional, but recommended for those that cam make it.  There will be 1 hour of positional/situational skills and 30 minutes of games.  PLEASE RSVP so we can set up the best sessions possible.

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