Catching Up With Kings Alumni Devin Irvin & Joe Rochte

We had the chance to catch up with Kings alumni Devin Irvin (Hingham 2017, Denison 2021) and Joe Rochte (Hingham 2018, Denison 2022) this weekend.

Devin and Joe are both currently playing lacrosse at Denison University in Ohio, a long time division 3 powerhouse program.  Both players were standouts on the 2017 MIAA State Championship Hingham High School team and competed for Kings in the club circuit.  We spent some time catching up with them over the weekend.

The Denison squad just wrapped up their fall ball season competing in a jamboree, The Ohio Machine Fall Classic.  The team posted an impressive 3-0 record in the round robin, defeating Jesuit Wheeling, Capitol and Division 1 power, Ohio State.


KINGS: Tell us about your fall ball season, what was the routine?

ROCHTE: For fall ball, we had about two practices a week with a scrimmage every Sunday. Each week we had lifts mixed in… Overall, fall ball was a great way for me to get used to the speed and play of college lacrosse.

IRVIN: In the fall we start lifts three days a week the first week of September and those run throughout the whole first semester until winter break.  In the second week of September we start team practices and have those three days a week, with one of the three being an intra-squad scrimmage on Sunday mornings.  Due to NCAA rules we can only have a certain number of practices so we end team practices by early October.  This fall we had three scrimmages against other teams,Wheeling Jesuit, Capital University, and Ohio State, and we won all three games.


KINGS: What will preparation for the spring season look like?

ROCHTE: In preparation for the spring season, I have team lifts a couple times a week. These lifts are helpful as they boost team chemistry and help with our speed, agility, and strength. After fall ball, my coach gave each player some individual things that can improve our play.

IRVIN: We will continue our team lifts with the strength and conditioning coach until winter break which starts the middle of December.  During the month off we are given a workout plan to follow and we have a mile test the second day we get back so I will be training for that also.


KINGS: What’s the biggest difference you’ve noticed between high school and college lacrosse?

ROCHTE: The biggest difference between high school and college lacrosse is the speed of the play. It definitely takes four or five practices to get used to. I also had a tough time getting used to the fact that every single player is really good. I came in being one of the best players on my HS and club teams, but I quickly realized that I was starting back at the bottom of the totem pole.

IRVIN: The biggest difference that I have noticed is the speed of the game is increased a lot once you get to college.  Everyone is faster than high school, the ball moves a lot faster and your decision making needs to happen quicker.  Also new this year is the shot clock which speeds up the game even more and puts a big emphasis on transition and scoring early in possessions.


KINGS: If you knew what you know now about college ball, how would you change your preparation to play at the next level?

ROCHTE: If I could go back to my senior year and change how I prepared for college, I would change the way I trained in the weight room. A lot of times while I trained, I went through the motions and didn’t push myself. I quickly realized that speed and strength plays a major role in college lacrosse.

IRVIN:One thing that I would work on more is speed and being able to play with both hands at full speed.  There usually isn’t a lot of times during a game when you need to use your off-hand but having the ability to play transition and play fast with both hands is something that can help out a lot.


KINGS: Tell us about managing academics and playing lacrosse in college…

ROCHTE: Managing academics and lacrosse is one of the harder things I’ve encountered so far during my college experience. It’s important to have a mentality that school comes before lacrosse. If you take care of all of your school work, you will be able to focus better and have a clear mind during practice. Most of it comes down to making enough time for yourself and asking for help when needed.

IRVIN: One of the biggest things for balancing the two is time management, if you make sure to get all your homework done and not put things off it makes class much easier and also allows you to not be stressed about it and gives you the ability to focus on lacrosse and not the other things while you have practice or games.  Another big thing that can help is making sure that if you ever get behind you are proactive in reaching out to your professors and get help.  Even if you aren’t behind its always a good idea to go to your professors office hours a couple times throughout the semester to be known by them because they usually will help out someone that they know if you ever needed it.


We want to thank both Joe and Devin for taking the time to pass along this information to the younger Kings players who will be following them to play college lacrosse!  Thanks, guys!!!

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