Boston Kings Summer Tournament Schedule

Summer Tournament Weekend #1:  June 22 and 23 – Every youth team we have will be playing this weekend

The Cape Cod Invitational on Cape Cod, or The Sweetlax Invitational in NY

  • All 2028-2025 (3rd grade – 6th Grade) teams will be at The Cape Cod Invitational on Cape Cod.
  • For 2024 & 2023 (7th & 8th grade):
    • AA (Blue) teams will be heading to Rochester, NY for the Sweetlax Invitational
    • A teams (Green and White) will be going to The Cape Cod Invitational
  • Travel: 
    • For The Cape Invitational:  Anyone interested in staying over in the Cape Cod area should stay tuned as the tournament will have room blocks available are area resorts (TBD).
    • For the Sweetlax Invitational: We will organize all team travel and lodging.  Stay tuned.

Summer Tournament Weekend #2: June 29th & 30th – Only AA (Blue) teams will be playing this weekend

Single A (Green and White) teams do not play this weekend!  They play the following weekend.

The Brawl on the Hill, Westminster, CT

  • 2028 AA (G3) – 2023 AA(G8) playing at The Brawl on the Hill, in Westminster, CT.
  • This is the same tournament we played in last year, it was moved up a weekend.
  • Travel:  Stay tuned for travel info.  We will organize a team hotel.

Summer Tournament Weekend #3: July 6 & 7 – Only the Single A (Green and White) Teams are playing this weekend.

Double AA (Blue) teams do not play this weekend!

The Rhode Island Classic, Portsmouth, RI

  • 2028 A (G3) – 2023 A (G8) playing at The Rhode Island Classic, in Portsmouth, RI
    • Same tournament we have played at last few years.
  • Travel: Most families do not stay over for this one, so we will not have team hotels.  However, anyone interested in staying over in Newport area is encouraged to arrange it on their own.

Summer Tournament Weekend #4: July 13 & 14 – All of our youth teams EXCEPT the 2023 AA team** are playing this weekend.


This is the last tournament of the summer for all our youth teams (except 2023 AA)

  • Travel:  You should all look to secure your own lodging for this tournament!  We strongly suggest staying up Friday night and Saturday night as games will be spread across both Saturday and Sunday.
    • If you would like help securing a room, contact:

** The 2023 AA team will not be playing at Stowe this summer, instead they will be playing in The US Lacrosse Nationals the following weekend (see below).

Summer Tournament Weekend #5: July 19-21 – ONLY OUR 2023AA BLUE TEAM IS ATTENDING this tournament

US Lacrosse Nationals: Downingtown, PA

  • Congratulations!  They qualified by winning last year’s Stowe tournament!
  • Travel:  Stay tuned for travel info for this tournament…  We will likely organize everything together.


  • Tournaments are included in tuition and players are expected to attend all tournaments their team plays in.  Exceptions are understandable, but the expectation is all players attend all tournaments.
  • Practices are weeknights.  We will likely have 4 or 5 in mid June to early July.
  • Tryouts for next year’s program are TBD, but likely have one weeknight date and one weekend date in late July.
  • Spring and summer team rosters will be released in early March.  

If you have any questions about the above schedule or team selection in general, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Chris McGuirk – Boston Kings Director

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