Boston Kings Pricing, Calendar, and Commitment…


The links below will bring you to our upcoming youth and high school calendars.  Certainly still subject to a bit of change, but it is an attempt to lay everything out with as much detail as we can at this time.

Important to note that nothing in the fall and winter is mandatory.  We build those schedules to be as flexible as we can to accommodate fall and winter sports and allow everyone to participate in as much as they can, but in-season sports should be the priority in fall and winter.  HOWEVER, Spring League and Summer Tournament Season your Kings events should be the priority.

       Youth Program Calendar: 2029 (3rd grade) – 2024 (8th grade)

       High School Program Calendar: 2023 (9th grade) – 2021 (11th grade)



Our Boston King Tuition is All inclusive.  Includes fall, winter, spring, and summer.

$100 off full tuition sibling discount.  Tuition installment plan available at registration (added cost).


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