Boston Kings Coaching News


Congratulations to Shawn Tierney for getting the Hanover High Varsity job. Shawn is one of the best young coaches in the area and has been coaching with The Boston Kings since he was a star player at Norwell High and Eastern CT University. He takes over the program from a great longtime coach, Paul Zaylor, and will no doubt do big things with the program in the years to come.


PLL Pros Davey Emala and Steve Waldeck join The Boston Kings coaching staff! They 
been helping us throughout the winterand spring seasons and have been instrumental in our positional skills training. Davey and Steve are both a couple of the worlds best at what they do on the field, but their expertise and enthusiasm as coaches has been unbelievable. A great add to our already loaded lineup of coaches.



Mike Leahy, our lead 2025 AA coach for the last few years, is taking a head lax coach and admissions job down at Woodbury

Forrest School in Virginia. This is a “dream job” scenario for Mike and his family and we wish him the very best going forward. Woodbury is lucky to have him, and we look forward to following his success in the coming years. Mike has been a big part of the great success our 2025 AA Blue team has had these last few years, and simply a great coach who we will all miss. He is handing the 2025 baton to Coach Traynor (Kings co-founder) and Coach Todd (long-time Hingham High varsity coach) who are very excited to get started this spring in our Premier League Spring schedule.


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